With technology constantly changing in all industries, The Label Rack has jumped in with both feet. Enhancing the custom label run capability by going digital is the name of the game when looking at high quality short run custom labels in any shape and size. Custom Label ShapesThe problem in the past has been the cost of custom dies to make an attractive label that will let your brand stand out.  Dies can run over one thousand dollars and if you are looking at only needing five thousand labels, then this cost prohibits any creative design in your label.

The answer is high speed digital die cutting in a linear web instead of the typical rotary dies used in rotary die cutting stations. Using a linear die cut station inline, diagonal cut speeds can reach well up to fifty two inches per second. This is a great speed for short run custom label jobs.

When you merry this technology with digital printing capabilities, all of the up-front costs of making custom labels has been eliminated. The main deterrent for many marketers to create fancy and unique designs has been the excess costs in setting up the dies and plates for the job.  We explained above that a die can be over one thousand dollars. The custom plates can cost up to sixty dollars apiece for spot colors and even more for process color print jobs.

The use of digital printing eliminates the cost of printing plates. This greatly reduces the cost of short run jobs. Marketers can now get as creative as they want too and The Label Rack can become the source for test runs on labels, small market sampling, creating targeted messages to different target audiences, custom wine labels for events, new product launches, where demand is not known yet, and many other applications.

As the technologies of digital die cutting and digital printing are combined here at The Label Rack, turn around times have been improved greatly. A custom die can take up to five business days to have made. Plates can take a day or two to have made. All of these create an unacceptable lead time to many customers and that is all before the first label can be run. Now with the digital technology in place, the lead time is hours instead of days.

The customer just has to send the custom label art in an Adobe Illustrator format.  A die line is then created in house from the art file. A substrate is selected to print the labels on. There are many substrates available, including high gloss, semi gloss papers, bopps, polyester film, foils, and others. A laminate can also be added for extra strength and protection.

These substrates can be used in applications such as FDA approved labels for fruit. Take an apple as an example. An apple is moist and curved. Standard adhesives won’t stick very well and the adhesive has to be FDA approved for food contact. A special label stock is on hand that is perfect for this application allowing a printable topcoat for this application.

Wine bottles offer a different adhesive challenge. Unique labels are very common. These custom labels have to adhere tight on the bottle when placed in cold water or ice. The adhesive should also come off easily in hot water for recycling purposes. This is quite a challenge for an adhesive.  We solved it and it is a regular stock for custom wine labels.

Need a custom label that will stick to rusty pipes? A customer looking for pipe markers required a product that was vinyl and made in a color that matched the new ANSI Color Standard for safety identification. Plus, the topcoat had to be printable in a resin thermal transfer printer and last for years.  This product is now available for any custom size label.

Another tough challenge includes custom snow ski tags. Very few people consider snow skiing a sticky problem, except those in the ski business. These custom labels have to be durable, printable, moisture and cold resistant just to name a few characteristics.

Many of these applications require short run custom designs and with this new technology and the substrates that can be used in this system, custom labels are no longer a deterrent due to high upfront costs. Give us a call today on your custom label needs and see the quality and speed first hand while saving on all the plate and die costs.

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