If you are a company owner or a manager there is no doubt that your main objective “especially” in this economy is to increase your productivity among a few other crucial things. In this article I will share with you a truly amazing discovery from recent research that proves that the right barcode scanner/reader can hands down increase your productivity. This is a point that most business managers/owners overlook when attempting to increase their company’s production level.

Most companies make the mistake of eliminating jobs instead of trying to find a way to increase consumer experience as well as internal productivity of the overall work-flow. The majority of businesses world wide, especially those in the industrial, or inventory space follow the myth of cutting back during hard times. This is equivalent to signing your companies death certificate. The sad part is this is what is taught in the majority of business schools.

Right Track, Wrong Train

Those companies that have inventory realize the importance of using a barcode scanner/reader to save time and money as part of their productivity work flow. This is what is considered the right track, however the majority of companies are still on the wrong train when it comes to using the right equipment, as far as their scanner options.

Let me ask you this…

If you were forced to dig a huge whole, would rather do it using an ordinary table spoon, or a huge industrial size bulldozer?

If for some odd reason you said you would rather use the spoon, I highly recommend that you stop reading this article and go have your head examined right away đŸ˜€

In an effort to save a few bucks companies will purchase a cheaper barcode scanner/reader. Although this solution is way better than the original option of using a spoon to dig a whole, it is still equivalent to using a shovel instead of a bulldozer.

The wrong barcode scanner and or reader means that the employee/operator may have to scan the original barcode multiple times before the barcode is recognized by the company’s data entry system. Regardless to popular beliefs that may be circulating around the Internet, all readers are not created equally. The dirty little secret that some companies do not want you to know is that their are some barcode scanners on the market that do not have the ability to read certain types of barcodes because of the size and quality of the barecode.

I truly hope that you took the time to read that last section. If you did not understand it, I highly recommend that you read it again, and again until you do understand every word of it.

To sum it up if you opted to originally purchase a cheaper barcode scanner/reader in an effort to save the company money, shame on you. Once you put pen to paper and actually do the math you will discover that this is the wrong way to save money. In reality making the decision to purchase a cheaper brand, will ultimately end up costing you money over a period of time, not to mention frustration and stress among workers.

Get It Right The First Time

In the recent study that I was telling you about the majority of the barcode readers tested fairly well overall. However none of them came close to the readers created by Datalogic. This company is considered the bulldozer of the barcode reading industry mainly because of their exclusive 3GL (3 Green Lights) technology.

Among their line of readers I would have to say that I am partial towards the PM8500 model. The PowerScan PM8500 is part of Datalogic’s 8,000 series. It is clear to say that Datalogic was adamant about testing their equipment under rigorous environmental conditions. No matter how many times they pushed it to the max the PowerScan PM8500 barcode scanner continued to produce consistent results as far as its readability as compared to its counterparts.

Besides its stellar performance Datalogic also took in to consideration their customers who were going to be using their product by making this particular model lightweight and ergonomically comfortable. This will allow the operator to use the device for long periods of time without having to worry about the stress on their extremities.

I am positive that you understand the value in the information found within this article. If you are interested in more information regarding the PowerScan PM8500 Barcode Reader click on the link to visit the page.

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